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Bonjour and welcome to The French Bakery. Whether you’re joining us for a cup of coffee or for the afternoon, we invite you to unwind, relax and let us serve you. Enjoy yourself, make a new friend, start a conversation or just simply breathe.

Here, life is a little more delicious. Bon Appetit!


Lovingly crafted from our signature blend of freshly cracked eggs and French ingredients, each light and fluffy omelette is a culinary masterpiece.

Farmer’s Omelette 16.49

Straight from the garden comes this mouth-watering mélange of fresh spinach, roasted red peppers, sautéed sweet onions and mushrooms.

Tomasz’s Spicy Omelette 17.49

The spinach, sweet onions and mushroom of our farmer’s omelette get a fiery kick thanks to applewood bacon and a creamy jalapeno-cheddar sauce with pimento garnish.

Great White with Bree cheese and sautéed spinach 15.99

Light and fluffy egg whites get a kick of bold flavor with sautéed spinach, garlic, and Brie for an omelet you’ll fall in l’oeuf with. Served with side of fruit and two baguettes.

Greek 16.49

Like taking a bite of Santorini sunshine, with applewood smoked bacon, feta cheese, asparagus, tomato and fresh spinach.

Four Cheese 15.99

Quelle fromage! This light and fluffy masterpiece comes loaded with a dreamy blend of Swiss, mild cheddar, feta and parmesan cheese.


Homemade bread fresh from our oven. Mouth-watering batter made from freshly cracked eggs. Toppings that let you make it your own. Mais oui!

Classic 15.99

Sweet meets savory, with a dusting of powdered sugar, a drizzle of maple syrup and two deliriously delicious strips of applewood bacon.

Mixed Berry 16.99

The garden’s sweet goodness comes to life, with fresh blackberries, blueberries, strawberries and our homemade fresh berry sauce.

Chocolate Decadents 16.49

Indulge in pure chocolate nirvana, with chocolate chip bread filled with a rich chocolate cream, then topped with chocolate ganache, whipped cream and chocolate shavings.

Georgia Peach 16.49

Our Southern-inspired take on a continental classic sees our French toast layered with homemade peach sauce and sprinkled with a graham cracker crumble.

Cherries & Sweet Cream Cheese 16.49

Treat your sweet tooth to a mouth-watering mix of homemade cherry sauce and a ribbon of sweet cream cheese.


Made from scratch ingredients and a dedication to creating light and fluffy brilliance come together in our signature crepes.

Sweet Crepés

Nutella 16.49

We pair the famous hazelnut spread with fresh strawberries, sweet cream cheese and a sprinkle of powdered sugar.

Bananas Foster 16.49

The delectable creaminess of fresh banana sauce and banana liquor makes for a mouthful of happiness, with a ribbon of sweet cream cheese on top.

Mixed Berry 17.49

Fresh from the farm comes a trio of blueberries, raspberries and blackberries, blended with a berry sauce and topped with a ribbon of sweet cream cheese.

Viennese 16.49

Explore the continent with this apple and cinnamon delight, topped with a ribbon of sweet cream cheese and garnished with graham cracker crumble.

Georgia Peach 16.49

We pair homemade peach sauce with a ribbon of sweet cream cheese for a delicate delight that will have you whistling Dixie.

Washington 16.49

We cannot tell a lie. This mouth-watering blend of cherry sauce and sweet cream cheese has our vote.

Savory Crepés

Swiss 19.49

Enjoy a gourmet spin on the deli classic, with sautéed beechwood ham and Swiss cheese topped with a savory mushroom sauce.

Normandy 20.49

Bursting with fluffy scrambled eggs, crispy applewood bacon, beechwood ham and sautéed cremini mushrooms this full breakfast in your hand comes topped with a creamy cheddar cheese sauce and pimento garnish.

Scandinavian 21.49

Experience the flavors of the Baltic with smoked salmon, sauteed spinach and cream cheese caper spread, topped with two grilled asparagus spears.

Provencal 20.49

Like a bite of pure farmhouse goodness, this crepe packs in sliced seasoned chicken breast, mushrooms and spinach, topped with grilled asparagus and covered with a creamy mushroom sauce.

Mont Blanc 21.49

Climb to the pinnacle of flavor with sautéed beechwood smoked ham, folded with a creamy cheddar cheese sauce and topped with a sunny side up egg.

Seafood Crepe 23.99

Dive deep into flavors of tomato, spinach, saffron, shallots and garlic, with fresh shrimp and scallops swimming in Swiss.


The dish that put The French Bakery on the map, our quiche is prepared from scratch, with homemade flaky pastry and freshly cracked eggs.

Lorraine 18.99

The savory delight of applewood bacon pairs perfectly with mounds of delicious Swiss for pure perfection.

Paris 17.99

Ooh la la! Smokey Beechwood ham shares a romantic rendezvous with sliced mushrooms and Swiss cheese.

Riviera 18.99

The sweet tang of tomato and fresh spinach and the rich flavor of Swiss and feta cheese make this quiche a masterpiece.

Astoria 17.99

Bold flavors make for a toothsome experience, with fresh asparagus, pimentos, chives & Swiss cheese.


Lorraine Quiche
Rivera Quiche
Astoria Quiche
Paris Quiche


French Onion Cup $8.00/ Bowl $10.00
Yellow Split Pea Cup $8.00/ Bowl $10.00
Soup of the day Cup $8.00/ Bowl $10.00


We use only the finest farm-fresh ingredients in our crispy and healthy salads, pairing each with a fresh toasted baguette and your choice of dressing on the side. Choose from Vidalia Onion, Ranch, Blue Cheese, Italian, White French, Spicy Ranchitto, Balsamic Vinaigrette, Caesar, Fat Free Raspberry Vinaigrette and Oil & Vinegar to make it your own.

House 10.99

Start with crisp verdant iceberg lettuce, then pile high with tomatoes, sliced eggs, shredded carrots and grated Parmesan cheese.

Cobb 16.99

Savory grilled chicken breast and chopped applewood bacon add delectable flavor to sliced avocado, diced Roma tomatoes, chopped hard boiled eggs on a bed of fresh Romaine lettuce.

Spinach & Strawberry 15.49

The blissful tang of fresh sliced strawberries pairs beautifully with chopped applewood bacon, crumbled feta cheese and a poppy seed dressing on a bed of fresh spinach.

Chicken Caesar 16.99

Try our gourmet spin on the classic, with grilled chicken breast on a bed of romaine lettuce sprinkled with parmesan cheese, homemade French Bakery croutons and a side of our homemade Caesar dressing.

Chicken Salad or Tuna Salad Plate 17.99

Oven roasted Roma tomatoes and fresh romaine lettuce set the stage for a delectable scoop of our signature chicken or tuna salad.

Nicoise 21.99

Take a dive into the flavors of ahi tuna and seared sesame seeds, layered on a bed of spinach and arugula with seasoned tomatoes, grilled asparagus, boiled egg and roasted zucchini and squash.


All our bread dough is made from scratch with the finest ingredients, contain no preservatives or additives and is fat-free and cholesterol-free. We bake our breads on the premises every day.


Cranberry-Apricot 9.99

This quick bread features dried cranberries, apricots and nuts, nestled in an orange- and cinnamon-scented batter, and baked to a golden brown. If you're planning on serving a turkey during the holidays, this bread is a great accompaniment.

Jalapeno-Cheddar 8.99
Chocolate Chunk 9.99

The crust is crunchy and the chewy center is filled with big pools of dark chocolate.

Full Baguettes 4.99

Asiago Cheese Bread. A crispy crust, soft inside with an awesome Asiago cheese flavor. So good with soup, salad, or on a sandwich.

Country French 9.99
Raisin 9.99

Our Raisin bread is a type of bread made with raisins and flavored with cinnamon. We use a white flour or egg dough bread". Aside from white flour, raisin bread is also made with other flours, such as all-purpose flour, oat flour, or whole wheat flour. We often include honey, brown sugar, eggs, or butter.

Olive & Herb 9.99

These rustic olive- and herb-flecked loaves are light-textured, flavorful, aromatic and crisp on top. They are a fine accompaniment to many hearty soups and stews.

Brioche 10.99

A brioche bread is a very 'rich' bread. Whereas standard breads can be made from nothing more than water, flour, salt and yeast, a brioche will contain plenty eggs, milk and butter. That makes a bread 'rich'. The high fat and protein contents of these ingredients is what makes the bread so special.

Honey Wheat Multigrain

This loaf is magnificent; everything you want in homemade bread. It’s tender on the inside crusty on the outside loaded with whole grains seedy dreamy & perfect


Fruit Cup
Roasted Vegetables
Truffle Fries $1.50 extra


Each of our hearty 8 oz. burgers are made to our exacting specifications, with top quality USDA Prime Beef seared to sizzling perfection and piled high with toppings.

*Apple & Brie 19.99

The blissful marriage of melted Brie and grilled apple slices flavors a beautiful burger with mixed greens and homemade lemon-caper aioli spread on toasted Brioche bread.

Breakfast Burger 19.99

Brunch wishes it had this kind of flavor. Gooey provolone melts atop crispy applewood bacon, sweet barbecue sauce, caramelized Vidalia onions, Roma tomatoes and mixes greens. And to top it all off? A fresh sunny side up egg.

*Frenchie Burger 18.49

Ready for a sophisticated take on an American classic? This continental delight pairs our patty with creamy goat cheese, Roma tomato slices, caramelized red onions and mixed greens on toasted brioche bread.

Garden Burger 17.99

Guilt-free pleasure awaits, with a Beyond Burger patty set on a bed of arugula, caramelized onion and avocado topped with a pesto sauce.


The French Bakery Signature Chicken Salad 17.99

Our famous homemade chicken salad takes center stage, with supporting players fresh lettuce and sliced Roma tomato on cranberry-apricot bread.

*Ahi Tuna Club 19.99

Bold flavors mingle with glee, as seared sesame seed-coated ahi tuna is topped with crispy boar’s head applewood bacon, provolone cheese, fresh lettuce and sliced tomatoes on a fresh croissant with Vidalia onion dressing.

Turkey Club 17.49

You’ll gobble up this fresh, delicious dish layering turkey, crispy applewood bacon, tomatoes, lettuce and provolone on a fresh baguette.

Atlantic 17.49

Dive into delicious homemade all white tuna salad, topped with sliced tomatoes and lettuce on a fresh baguette.

Avocado Toast 17.99

Avocado Spread, Sliced Avocado, Micro Greens, Pickled Red Onions, Radish, Multi-Grain or Brioche Bread

BLT 16.99

The deli classic gets our gourmet spin, boasting crispy smoked applewood bacon, fresh lettuce, sliced tomatoes, and mayonnaise on toasted asiago-parmesan bread.

Bistro 16.49

Our famous fresh baguette can barely hold this mountain of mouth-watering Black Forest ham and Swiss cheese.

Nordic 18.99

As beautiful as the Northern Lights, this mouthful boasts smoked salmon, provolone cheese, arugula and roasted tomatoes on a fresh baguette.

French Farmer 17.99

Indulge in a bumper crop of sliced Black Forest ham, soft brie cheese, lettuce, tomatoes and fresh sliced strawberries.

Salmon Avocado Toast 18.99

Cream Cheese Caper Spread or Avocado Spread, Micro Greens, Pickled Red Onions, Multi-Grain or Brioche Bread


Nouveau Eggs Benedict 19.99

The breakfast staple gets a mid-day makeover with two poached eggs, crispy applewood smoked bacon, spinach, asparagus and homemade hollandaise sauce on a fresh baked croissant or Brioche bread.

Caprese Salad 17.49

Carb-counters who want to tell people they had a salad for lunch, we have you covered with fresh Mozzarella cheese, fresh basil pesto sauce, roasted red peppers and tomatoes with a homemade Balsamic reduction on toasted Panini.

Oven Roasted Vegetable 14.99

It’s an entire garden on a bun, with roasted zucchini, squash, red peppers, mushrooms and onions topped with melted Provolone cheese on a toasted baguette.

Grilled Chicken 15.99

We start with a hearty portion of grilled chicken breast then layer on slices tomatoes, grilled onions and melted Provolone cheese on toasted Olive-Herb bread.

Americano 15.99

We salute this patriotic perfection, boasting two poached eggs, crispy applewood bacon, tomatoes, and arugula, topped with a creamy Vidalia onion sauce on a fresh croissant and pimento garnish.

Asparagus Egg-Stravaganza 16.99

It’s a spectacle of flavors, with a fluffy sunny side up egg holding up a pile of crispy applewood bacon, sliced ham and asparagus, all on a fresh-baked croissant.

*Breakfast 15.99

Why wait until tomorrow morning when you can have a sunny side up egg served right now on a bed of arugula, sliced tomatoes and grilled Polish sausage on a fresh baked croissant? Is it breakfast? Is it lunch? Simply put, yes.

*Croque Madame 15.99

The lady of the house dazzles with baked Beechwood smoked ham and melted Swiss cheese topped with Swiss cheese, a sunny side up egg and a homemade Béchamel sauce piled high on fresh-baked Country French bread.

Croque Monsieur 14.99

French is our middle name, so you know this continental specialty is one of our signatures. Baked ham and melted Swiss cheese between two slices of fresh baked Country French bread topped with more Swiss cheese, and a homemade Béchamel sauce.

Crab cakes egg Benedict 21.99

Two Crab Cakes, Two Poached Eggs, Topped with Hollandaise Sauce, Mixed Greens, on Brioche, Garnished with Red Pimentos and Hot Sauce.


Parmesan Chicken Tenders 12.99

Served with chips, fries or fruit salad

Burger 14.99

4 oz. patty on country French served with fries, chips or fruit salad.

Grilled Cheese 13.99

A blend of cheddar and Swiss on country French served with chips, fries or fruit salad.

Cheese Burger 15.49

4 oz. patty on country French served with chips, fries, or fruit salad.



“Eggs your way” scrambled, sunny-side up, over easy, over hard, poached.

One egg 2.49
Two eggs 3.99
Three eggs 4.99
Smoked Applewood bacon (3 slices) 4.99
Smoked Polish sausage (3 slices) 4.99
Honey-smoked turkey or Beachwood smoked ham (3 slices) 4.99
Chicken breast sliced or cubed 4.99
Smoked salmon 5.89
Avocado (Half) 4.99

Fruits and Vegetables

Fresh fruit cup (Lg) 3.99
Mixed berry cup 6.99
Grilled vegetables (Squash, Zucchini, Tomatoes) 5.99
Side salad 5.99
Homemade potato chips 4.99
French fries 4.99
Truffle fries 5.99
Crepe (one) 3.49
House Salad 10.99


Orange Juice – Fresh Squeezed Small or Large Market Price
OJ, Tomato, Apple, Cranberry Juice 8 oz $4.99sm. / $6.99lg.
Orangina Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice and Soda
Market Price


Milk 8 oz 3.49
Milk – Chocolate, Strawberry or Vanilla 3.69

Soda Water

Soda Water 3.49
San Benedetto – 500 ml Natural or Sparkling water 3.69
Coke, Diet Coke, Coke Zero, Orange, Sprite, Lemonade 4.49
San Benedetto – 1.5 l Sparkling water 7.99
Perrier Sparkling Water 5.49

Coffee - Shipped and Roasted on A Weekly Basis

Iced Coffee 5.99
Cold Brew 6.99
Nitro Brew 6.99


Coffee – Regular, Decaf –free refills 5.49
Latte 6.49

The term Cafe Latte was created in certain regions of Italy where American tourists frequented. The American travelers struggled with the bitter and richer flavors of espresso so warm milk was added to make a more palatable and sweeter drink. It should be noted that if you travel to Italy and ask for a ‘Latte’, you will be handed a glass of warm milk.

Café Americano 5.99

American GIs were stationed in Italy after the World War, Although there was enough coffee for the soldiers, it was not what they were used too. The only options at the time were cappuccinos and espressos. The Espressos were too bitter and cappuccinos to heavy compared to what the soldiers would drink back home. This was a problem for the Americans, so the local baristas came up with a solution to add hot water with the espressos, to water them down and then add milk and sugar as desired. This was referred to as a Café Americano which is now shortened to an ‘Americano’. This is now a coffee that is recognized all over the world.

Café au Lait 5.49
Espresso – Single Shot 4.49

Espressos were created with the need for speed. In the 1800s coffee was a huge part of European culture and baristas needed a way of creating individual drinks faster. Angelo Moriondo of Turin, Italy, was the inventor of the espresso machine. He used to steam and pressure to quickly brew a cup of coffee. In the 1880s he patented his design and it was never released commercially. Later, in 1906 two Italians developed Moriondos idea further and shared their invention at World’s Fair in Milan. They called the beverage the machine created ‘Caffe Espresso’. It wasn’t until world war 2 that inventors began developing to pressure, adding leavers created what we now know as ‘Crema’. Finally, it was the invention of a motorised pump by Carlo Ernesto Valente that gave the espresso machine the 9-bar pressure we use today.

Extra shot of Espresso to any drink 3.49
Espresso – Double Shot 5.49
Café Mocha 5.25
Café Macchiato 4.69

Macchiato means ‘marked or ‘stained’, this refers to the typical spot on the top of the drink, caused by a barista pouring espresso directly into a small amount of steam milk. Like with most of the coffee we see on the menu, it’s an Italian idea. As cappuccinos are not regularly consumed by the Italians after midday, a macchiato allowed them to enjoy a slightly sweeter drink in the afternoon.

Cappuccino 5.99

The cappuccino first appeared in a Viennese coffee house. In 1805 it was described as coffee with milk and cream, in some places they would add spices too. The name came about as the drink would look the same color as the Capuchin monks’ robes. In Italian, cappuccino, means ‘hood’. Although the name originated from Vienna, it was invented in Italy, where it took on its common name ‘Cappuccino’. In Italy however, you will rarely be served a cappuccino after lunch as it is considered a morning drink.

Flat white

There is an ongoing rivalry between Australia and New Zealand about who invented the flat white. Alan Preston, an Australian, claimed that he created the term in 1985 when he opened his café in Sydney. After moving to Queensland in the 1960s he stated that he frequently offered ‘White coffee- Flat’. Fraser McInnes a former barista in New Zealand, says he came up with the Flat White in 1989 after making a bad Cappuccino. He said that the milk for the cappuccino didn’t rise properly, therefore serving a flat white to the customer.The dispute is ongoing today between the two countries. And no one can accurately say who is correct, it remains one of coffees mysteries.

Speciality Coffee

White Chocolate and peppermint cappuccino
Lavender Latte
“Shamrock Cappuccino” -Irish cream and white chocolate
Le Fleur Latte-Rose water and garnished with edible Rose petals
“Love A Latte” White Chocolate, With Raspberry

Teas: Green Tea, Charleston Breakfast, Chamomile, Green Tea with Mint, Earl Grey, Plantation Peach, American Classic.

Cinnamon Spice Full Leaf Black tea, Citrus Chamomile (Decaf), Green Jasmine, Egyptian Mint

South Indian Select Black, Hibiscus (Decaf)

Available in Decaf: English Breakfast, Chamomile.



Homemade Chai Latte 6.49
Tea 3.69


Ice Tea 4.49

Teas: Green Tea, Charleston Breakfast, Chamomile, Green Tea with Mint, Earl Grey, Plantation Peach, American Classic.
Available in Decaf: English Breakfast, Chamomile.


SYRUPS: Vanilla, Suger Free Vanilla, Hazelnut, Caramel, Chocolate, Cinammon, Pumpkin Spice, Irish Cream, Cherry, Raspberry, Peach, Peach Puree
SAUCES: Dark Chocolate, White Chocolate, Caramel ………………$.50

From the Bar

Mimosa or Bellini
Sangria White or Red
Shake Bloody Mary
Fresh Mimosa
Lavender Bliss
Bloody Mary Sake Based
Wine Margaritas Strawberry or Lime
Lime Margarita
Strawberry Margarita
Sangria Red
Sangria White


White Wines

House Spcialty White Wine Bonnet
Sauvignon Blanc
Pinot Grigio

Red Wines

House Spcialty Red Wine Bonnet
Cabernet Sauvignon


Sparkling White and Rose

For our complete Wine and Champaign List ask you server

Take Away

Chicken or Tuna Salad 1/2 lb 9.99
Chicken or Tuna Salad 1 lb 14.99
Coffee (12 oz.) 14.99
Tea (box of 12 bags) 15.99

*Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of food-borne illness.
** Gluten Friendly Dishes. Please keep in mind if you have Celiac disease, this is a bakery and there are trace of flour in the air we make our breads
and pastries fresh daily.
A Gratuity of 18% will be added to parties of 6 or more.