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Our Story

Our Story

Arriving in America in 2006 with a dream to escape the corporate world that had been his life for years, Marek Belka found his bliss among the tranquil waterways and serenity of the South Carolina Lowcountry. As an avid boater and constant seeker of adventure, Hilton Head Island provided the perfect landing pad for his journey from Poland.

But getting away from the rat race was just step one. Step two involved chasing a dream that had lingered in his heart for years: to open his own coffee shop and bakery like those that dotted the cobblestone streets of Europe. When Marek heard about the impending sale of a small bakery in Pineland Station, it felt like destiny. Today, the French Bakery sits on a breathtaking spot of land at Shelter Cove, with the community park and the water just beyond its wide front porch.

It’s a dream come true for Marek Belka, and a dream that he shares with every person who steps through the doors at The French Bakery.

Our Mission:

At The French Bakery, it’s about more than just a delicious meal. It’s the journey that meal takes you on – the flavors that bring you back to that unforgettable European vacation and the conversations that spring up around a perfectly roasted cup of coffee.

That extraordinary experience is what we serve here. Baking our breads and confections every day from scratch, sourcing out the finest ingredients and preparing tantalizing salads, sandwiches and entrees is just how we bring you into that experience. From there, we invite you to make the experience your own.