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Sweet and Savory Crepés

Sweet and Savory Crepés


Made from scratch ingredients and a dedication to creating light and fluffy brilliance come together in our signature crepes.

Sweet Crepés

Nutella 16.49

We pair the famous hazelnut spread with fresh strawberries, sweet cream cheese and a sprinkle of powdered sugar.

Bananas Foster 16.49

The delectable creaminess of fresh banana sauce and banana liquor makes for a mouthful of happiness, with a ribbon of sweet cream cheese on top.

Mixed Berry 17.49

Fresh from the farm comes a trio of blueberries, raspberries and blackberries, blended with a berry sauce and topped with a ribbon of sweet cream cheese.

Viennese 16.49

Explore the continent with this apple and cinnamon delight, topped with a ribbon of sweet cream cheese and garnished with graham cracker crumble.

Georgia Peach 16.49

We pair homemade peach sauce with a ribbon of sweet cream cheese for a delicate delight that will have you whistling Dixie.

Washington 16.49

We cannot tell a lie. This mouth-watering blend of cherry sauce and sweet cream cheese has our vote.

Savory Crepés

Swiss 19.49

Enjoy a gourmet spin on the deli classic, with sautéed beechwood ham and Swiss cheese topped with a savory mushroom sauce.

Normandy 20.49

Bursting with fluffy scrambled eggs, crispy applewood bacon, beechwood ham and sautéed cremini mushrooms this full breakfast in your hand comes topped with a creamy cheddar cheese sauce and pimento garnish.

Scandinavian 21.49

Experience the flavors of the Baltic with smoked salmon, sauteed spinach and cream cheese caper spread, topped with two grilled asparagus spears.

Provencal 20.49

Like a bite of pure farmhouse goodness, this crepe packs in sliced seasoned chicken breast, mushrooms and spinach, topped with grilled asparagus and covered with a creamy mushroom sauce.

Mont Blanc 21.49

Climb to the pinnacle of flavor with sautéed beechwood smoked ham, folded with a creamy cheddar cheese sauce and topped with a sunny side up egg.

Seafood Crepe 23.99

Dive deep into flavors of tomato, spinach, saffron, shallots and garlic, with fresh shrimp and scallops swimming in Swiss.